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A Boston native, Tracy King brings her long-time extensive Design & Brand Identity background, with her passion and love for photography to offer a special experience for her client's. Each session is a moment frozen in time to remember when re-visited. Truly being able to capture one’s spirit and soul in a smile is a trait she prides herself on.

What makes me a considerable photographer is being able to have your client feel as comfortable with you as they are with their closest friend or family member. I want someone to feel like they have known me for decades. That's when I can truly capture what an amazing person that is in front of my camera!

Being happy, loved, joyful, thankful, confident, comfortable, curious and appreciative amongst many other things is what makes a person "Unique" at any age, any walk of life or at any given moment in time.

Artographer. Foodtographer. Storyteller. Creating dreamy and imaginative worlds. 📸🌏

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