Extinguishing Cancer Calendar

Extinguishing Cancer Calendar

Thank you for your interest in our Extinguishing Cancer Calendar. The Next Birthday Project (www.nextbirthdayproject.org), and amazing group of individuals, and several Fire Departments, embarked on a journey to help a fellow Fireman and family man ease the stress of daily life while recovering last year .  Captain Mark Valcourt  had been diagnosed with Colon cancer. He will be unable to assist his fellow firefighting family, in helping his community, until he has fully recovered. So….. we decided to lend a hand and a laugh in the process.

You are now a part of an amazing family, all banded together to help fellow firefighters like Captain Mark Valcourt fight the battle called cancer. We hope you enjoy the calendar as much we had making it. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the chosen first responder & family. If you have any questions, or would like to join in the efforts, please email us at extinguishingcancer@gmail.com

Donation Info: To purchase a calendar or donate please go to: 


2017 Extinguishing Cancer Calendar

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